We are accepting applications for local positions within the San Francisco Bay Area!

The hiring period for national events for 2020 will begin on February 1 and close on March 31, however we are always accepting volunteers! See below for more information on volunteering with Clean Vibes.



Year-Round Part-Time Crew Members are needed for our  SF Bay Area Local Crew. Join Clean Vibes in providing our unparalleled waste management and recycling services in the country’s most waste progressive cities at some of the BEST events in the region. Positions begin as early as January with more shifts and positions opening up in March. 

Applicants MUST:

-have reliable transportation to San Francisco and the greater Bay Area

-be able to work nights, weekends and holidays as needed

-be able to work on your feet for several hours and lift 25lbs-50lbs

-be committed to recycling and composting

-enjoy working as team while getting a little dirty.

No experience necessary, but we expect a positive attitude and willingness to learn new tasks.




Join Clean Vibes as a Volunteer and help spread the clean vibe at your favorite event! Clean Vibes is dedicated to educating event attendees about recycling and the importance of environmental stewardship. We believe that every person can make a difference and we rely on dedicated volunteers who are interested in inspiring others. To be a volunteer you must commit to  a set amount of hours - usually a total of 4-10 hours/day within a specific shift time is required. Volunteer shifts are usually during and/or after the show, we do not often offer pre-festival opportunities. Please refer to the descriptions below to learn about the types of volunteer opportunities we offer.

There is no "acceptance period" for volunteers with Clean Vibes. You may apply for any open event and you are automatically accepted!

Benefits of volunteering include:

  • Admission to the event. For most events, volunteers will be required to submit a fully refundable deposit equal to the cost of a ticket (refunded once volunteer obligations are completed) as well as a non-refundable administrative fee. Deposits are normally refunded within 7-10 days of completion of volunteer shifts. Please refer to the Clean Vibes Volunteer Database (see below for the link) for more information on the deposit requirements for each event.

  • Meeting great people for a great cause!

  • Enjoying the event while having the satisfaction of being a true environment steward!

Additional benefits (depending on the event) MAY Include:

  • Meals while working (dependent on event and position).

  • Free event t-shirt (check specific event listing as some events do not supply t-shirts).

  • Preferred camping at camping events (depending on time of arrival). 

Once you have visited the Clean Vibes Volunteer Registration Webpage, you will be able to read which positions are available for each event and register to attend as a Clean Vibes Volunteer.


These are the types of volunteer opportunities we offer:


While the exact times and number of hours will vary by event, During Show Volunteers are normally required to work one 4 to 7 hour shift on each day of the festival. They will spend their shift assisting the Clean Vibes crew in picking up loose litter on the ground and cleaning the concert area in preparation for continued entertainment. 

This position requires bending and stooping as well as lifting bags of refuse and recycling. Depending on the event, During Show Volunteers may spend a portion of their shift sorting recycling and/or compost and distributing bags to campers.


While the exact times and number of hours will vary by event, Nightly After Show Clean-up Volunteers are normally required to work one 4 to 6 hour shift at the conclusion of a daily, non-camping event. 

They will spend their shift assisting the Clean Vibes crew in picking up loose litter on the ground and cleaning the concert area after the fans have left the area. This position requires A LOT of bending and stooping as well as lifting bags of refuse and recycling.


Looking for an opportunity to volunteer but still be able to enjoy the ENTIRE event uninterrupted? Post Event Clean-up could be your key! Post Event Volunteers are normally required to work two 8 to 10 hour shifts after the conclusion of the entire event. These volunteers will assist the Clean Vibes crew in picking up loose litter on the ground and consolidating piles. This position requires bending and stooping as well as lifting bags of refuse and recycling. Depending on the event, Post Event Volunteers may spend a portion of their shifts sorting recycling and/or compost.


At select events we offer positions for what we call our Trash Talker® Volunteers. Clean Vibes Trash Talker® Volunteers are an integral part of the waste diversion process and are required to work a daily shift during the festival that is normally 5 to 6 hours. Volunteers will staff waste reclamation centers located throughout the festival grounds and encourage festival attendees to dispose of their waste in the appropriate receptacles - recycling, compost, or landfill. These volunteers will have the opportunity to interact directly with the festival attendees to promote environmental responsibility.


The Clean Vibes Trading Post (CVTP), a 501(c)3 non-profit, works in partnership with Clean Vibes, LLC. When available, we offer volunteer positions to assist the Trading Post in several areas.  Volunteers work alongside existing Trading Post crew members to educate festival attendees about the event waste diversion efforts and engage fans to participate in the program.  When available, we offer positions for volunteers in the Clean Vibes Trading Post booth.  These volunteers work alongside the Trading Post crew members to educate patrons about the non-profit program and engage fans in the diversion process.  We seek volunteers with experience or education in environmental studies, community engagement or non-profit programs.  

*BE AWARE! Each position requires some level of physical activity, often in summer heat conditions. Each position involves interaction with festival food and beverage waste. Some clean-up volunteers have been surprised at the amount of bending over and stooping that is required of them for the clean-up volunteer positions. Some Trash Talker® Volunteers have been surprised that standing in one place can be hard on your legs. We encourage all volunteers to arrive for their shift a little early and do some light stretching to get ready!

Please refer to the descriptions for each event and the positions available on the Clean Vibes Volunteer Registration Page.

All volunteers must be at least 18 years of age at time of registration. Some events require volunteers to be at least 21, please see event listings for specific age requirements.

Please note that you DO NOT need to purchase a ticket to any event for which you are registered as a Clean Vibes volunteer. Your successful deposit ensures your admission to the event. In MOST cases we will not be mailing tickets, Volunteers will check-in at a predetermined place on site to obtain credentials. We are NOT able to refund any ticket that has been previously purchased!

CLICK HERE to register to become a Clean Vibes Volunteer!



Clean Vibes Volunteer Registration: For the those who are only interested in volunteering with Clean Vibes.

Bay Area Local Crew Application: For those who are local to the San Francisco Bay area and interested in a crew member position.

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